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Chemical Stock Control Software

Our chemical stock control software is based around Microsoft Access which allows flexibility for customizing to one’s own requirements. This makes it easy to use and easy to import information you may already have in MS Excel for example. It is a powerful yet simple to use system with optional barcode functionality and label printers connectivity.

Pre-loaded with 530 commonly used chemicals with all relevant data, storage and safety information. The latest version (V4.0) now has a much easier way of entering information and improved navigation. It has new report builders foe easier and more flexible reports. It allows accountability for chemicals used, registers quantities used in an academic year with date of last use for every chemical. We have included a used-by date field and a SYC field which lists chemicals that are causing most concern according to the Home Office SYC (Secure Your Chemicals Education) guidance.

Every chemical where applicable now has a link to the CLEAPSS HazCard (CLEAPSS membership required) making our software a totally complete system.

Utilizing this system will ensure you have accurate records of all your chemicals, you know where they are stored and how much you have! Importantly you will be complying with the Home Office SYC & DfE guidance on the safe storage and disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals.


Key Benefits:

  • Pre-loaded with 530 chemicals with all relevant storage and safety information
  • Link to Cleapss HazCards
  • Continuously up-dated lists all your chemicals
  • Identifies chemicals that need re-ordering when levels are low
  • Lists chemicals causing most concern as in Home Office SYC guidance
  • Used-by date for each chemical
  • Quantities used in academic year with date of last use
  • Simplifies stock taking
  • Various built-in reports
  • Dynamic search with either IUPAC or traditional name
  • Optional bar code reading
  • Connects to label printers for custom labels
  • Multi-user installation
  • Site license
  • Connects to label printers for custom labels

Minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating system
  • Microsoft Office Access 2010 or later needs to be installed
  • Adobe PDF Reader





Description SKU # Price
Chemical Stock Control Software (Site License) V4-0100C £145.00
Chemical & Equipment Stock Control Software (Site License) V4-0100 £224.95


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