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Label Printers, Barcode Scanners & Barcode Labels

For the complete stock control solution Labexpert UK can supply label printers, barcode scanners and barcode labels for use with all our software. We have taken the time to test different types of barcode scanners and different materials for the labels that will be suitable for the purpose, great value for money and simple to use.


Brother QL-800   -   119.00

SKU #   -    QL800

Remarkable in the prep room

  • Money saving direct printing technology eliminating toner, ink and ribbon costs
  • Supports barcode printing
  • Die-cut label rolls and continuous tape
  • Labels up to 62mm wide
  • Up to 93 labels per minute
  • High speed automatic cutter
  • Able to produce labels with both black and red print without the need of ink or toner - ideal for hazard pictograms or other images
  • Insert date stamps
  • Free p-touch software
  • Links live with our chemical & equipment inventories

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Brother PT-P700   -   95.00

SKU   -   PT-P700

Create labels for a variety of applications
  1. Label to organize and identify
  2. Label to look professional
  3. Label to protect your assets
  • Create durable labels up to 24mm wide (approximately 1") for indoor or outdoor use
  • Customize labels using fonts and graphics on your computer
  • Super-fast print speeds and auto cutting help support efficient labeling
  • Barcode printing
  • Links live with our chemical & equipment inventories
  • Download templates from the Brother Cloud to add to your P-touch Editor label library

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USB Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner 64.95

  • USB interface works straight out of the box with our software
  • Provide an accurate, easy, and fast method of data entry
  • Durable construction ensures long service life
  • Advance scanning performance


Barcode Labels - original ZEBRA Z Ultimate 5A (GL) 50.8 x 25.4 mm (2" x 1")

  • A top coated white gloss polyester thermal transfer label
  • High-strength acrylic adhesive
  • Unparalleled smear/scratch resistance

Suggested Applications

  • Use with our Equipment Inventory Software - supplied pre-printed, sequential numbering with school/college name


Description Qty SKU # Price
Pre-printed barcode labels 500 Label500 25
Pre-printed barcode labels 1000 Label1000 40


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